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Our Story

Sometimes in life things take an unexpected turn.  That's precisely what happened with our journey with Llamas.


It all started with the purchase of three pack Llamas in 2018.  These packers were bought specifically to use on backcountry elk hunting trips.  Little did we know that we would fall in love with these majestic animals.

Their intelligence and willingness to please peaked our curiosity.  Slowly but surely their personalities grew on us and we started having conversations about the possibilities of starting our own breeding program.

Through the process of looking for trained pack Llamas we realized how difficult top quality Llamas were to find. During our research we also discovered that show quality females were even more difficult to find.


Our Story

Local Family Farm


Once we made the decision to move forward with our vision we were all in.  From the very beginning we knew the type of Llama we wanted to raise.  "Big enough to pack and

pretty enough to show."  

We believe in quality over quantity and choosing bloodlines that have proven themselves over time.  Our program consists of 10 to 15 females and three herdsires.


Welcome to Fire Rock Llamas.  The journey is just getting started but we're looking forward to the ride!

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